ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

dance camp tuesday day 3

Spent most of the day being super careful with my Achilles' tendon. Apparently last year someone's achilles tendon snapped during performance. That is scary.

Had a private with Scott Puttman. He was mind blowing. He talked about dance as a falling sensation and walking as a falling sensation. He says the shoulders roll up and back is bad feedback. It's like forcing your turn out. Instead he talks about relaxing and lengthening the shoulders.

His rep is also insane but fun. I'm happy with my decision to stay in 3a rep. Apparently 4 of us were moved down. The 3b rep was really jumpy and my achilles tendon wouldn't appreciate it.

Dinner was thai with Deb Springsted, Theresa and Peggy.
Tags: richmond
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