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Jonas workshop

It was actually really good. And I kinda needed that for motivating me this fall. I felt Potluck was way too many: I'm burned out as a wedding photographer and want to do something else talks.

Jonas Peterson has the #8 most visited wedding photography website in the world and shoots a shit ton of high end, destination weddings. And I think it's because before being a photographer he was in the advertising world, and was creative director, and he won the top awards for his ads. So if there's one thing he knows, it's branding and marketing.

The workshop was on storytelling, and using it for everything: shooting day, branding, slideshow, etc.
And connecting with your clients.

He is way way more mellow now then since I've known him 5 years ago (we actually fought on the SWPB forum once and I've always been happy to be blunt to him) but we both mellowed out. We hugged it out ;-)

It has been interesting to watch him, and his work is more classic now. He doesn't used tilt shift, he calls his work simple and classic. And it is. He showed a whole wedding and how he mainly focuses on: emotion and reaction. And it works. And he shoots at most 1600 frames in one day, and delivers 500. He can edit a wedding in 3 hours.

He shows up 2 days early before weddings to get to know people, which I think is how he is so good. He figures out what the story is. He does all day coverage, and he works his butt off.

A lot of things he does I can't pull off, mainly because he has rockstar status, and I don't. So those stuff I can disregard. But stuff like connecting with your clients, finding the story in a wedding, and focusing on that story. It's good stuff. He's actually where I want to be if I could (not destinations, but having the approach of not posing the couples so much, not caring about grip and grins so much, not shooting so much and worrying about shoot thrus, not worrying about hero shots, and being able to tell stories. He literally writes a story with each blog post.)
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