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So on Wednesday (Oct 7) I was reading a NY times article about whether diabetes can be reversed. It was a pretty crappy article, but then I was reading the comments (I'm addicted to comment reading) and someone mentioned a FB group about it.

So I joined the FB group, which is a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) way of eating. Basically, your body makes insulin to process glucose. Carbs/fruits/candy -> glucose. Fat has zero effect on your blood sugar, and protein has moderate effect.

The group is very interactive, and people post pics of their meals, and I first tried making cauliflower to replace my daily rice. Blargh. I don't like it.

So then I cooked one of the random squashes that the wheatsville co-op staffer recommended to me. I thought it was an acorn squash, but it's actually a kobucha squash. I cooked it with maple syrup and butter (yes, the syrup was sugary, but this is still better then rice).

And it's delicious. So it's Sunday now and I haven't eaten rice in 4 days. Which is super impressive.
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