ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

So we have visited 3 elementary schools and 1 private school now. I'm writing this to help process my own opinions, which are fluid at this point, and based on brief tour visits.

Private school: AHB community school.
A mix of academic oriented and also free play. 15 hours a week. The middle school is new and gender unbalanced. 2 girls and the rest are boys. Parents seem to love the school.
We like it, but are unsure about the academic prowess. The tour director also mentioned that girls tend to do better at public schools, while boys are better with less rigid structure. Interesting.

Davis Elementary School.
a highly rated school by 183/mopac. People move into this area for the school. It's overcrowded. 22:1 ratio. Parents rave about this school though and students seem happy. In a majority white neighborhood, with super involved parents. 4 kindergarden classes. 900 students.

Reilly Elementary School.
a highly rated school in a poor/middle district. Lamar/airport/highland mall.
60% of the students are low-income/free lunch. However, it is gentrifying like mad. And enrollment is dropping as families are forced to move out. ACC (college) just opened there and driving rents up. Only 2 kinders: the english speaking one is a ratio of 13:1
Enthusiastic teachers. 370 students.

Copperfield Elementary School.
a low-medium rated school in a poor/middle district. I-35/parmer. Pflugerville ISD.
15:2 ratio (teacher and aide). 500 students. The parents and teachers seem caring. The staff don't seem as enthusiastic as Reilly. Free breakfast (all PISD apparently). Students seem somewhat happy.

So far, I actually am okay with all the schools we've visited. Apparently my standards aren't as high as I thought they would be. But I think it's because in the less prestigious elementary schools: the schools are smaller, the ratio is smaller. And if parents are super involved (like we plan to be), we can volunteer and be there. Davis/Brentwood are super popular and yet super crowded.
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