ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

day to day

a day account of a life of a woman in austin, texas.

woke up around 8:30 am, could hear baby and andy go about their morning routine.
spot the baby a bit, while andy does his morning meditations. then he takes baby to daycare.

i did some work, mostly emails and album design. then went to bookpeople, to meet up with my writing partner. we talked and wrote. my book wordcount: over 11000 words

home for lunch of rice, chicken and chilis.

quick work email, found out that i will be booking a new client, a sibling of a past client. did a happy dance, since booking a client is always nice.

chill for a bit with some halo and hearthstone.

picked up baby at daycare, was a bit early to socialize with other babies and staff.

home with baby, chill out with each other. then andy comes and takes over baby duty while i play some halo and make dinner.

then andy goes off to teach improv so i'm back on baby duty.

baby and i hang and talked for a bit, and then i held her in my arms, and she fell asleep while i played halo.

note: i normally don't play console games, but peter is loaning me his xbox360 for a month so i gotta finish halo :P

then put baby to bed properly, while i did house chores of picking up stuff, cleaning and old fashioned bills that require writing a check.

then a few more work stuff, back to album designing and finishing up some contract admin stuff around 10 pm.

did a little bit more house chores (there are always house chores!) cleaned the stovetop. pay daycare bills.

10:30 pm, Andy comes home. He does some chores too, before the two of us relax till bed time, which is around midnight.
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