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my sil's birth

After Andy came home from his evening class, I drove up to the Austin Area birthing center where my sister in law (sil) was laboring. It was 11 pm and she already fully dilated. She was lying on the bed, breathing rapidly. And I watched her and empathized. Labor sucks.

The contractions would be intense and then stall. I noticed they were checking the heartbeat a lot, and when she started pushing, they would check the heartbeat... then push then check the heartbeat. And the heartbeats were 120-130 (great) but sometimes it would be 90s (not so good). And I think that's why they kept checking.

I was outside her room and could hear the heartbeats and the banter. The midwives had a great cheerful banter, and my sil was working so very hard. I tried to nap, which was a strange soundtrack to nap to. I got up and set by the door outside, and my father in law stood outside as well.

Her husband was by her side the entire time. He was fucking amazing.

Around 1 am, the decels seem to be happening more, and the midwife said, "If we can't get the baby out in the next we are going to have to think about taking her to the hospital, ok?"

And a few minutes later, I heard the nurse giving the address of the birthing center to the phone.

The ambulance showed up and my sil and brother in law, went into the ambulance. What a terrifying thing it must have been for my brother in law. To see his wife in pain, to be in an ambulance.

It took 10 mins to arrive to Seton Main, where I gave birth.

But once she went in the hospital room I felt relief, and especially so did my SIL's parents.

45 mins later, the baby was born. We could hear her cry in the room. And I watched my SIL's parents hug each other in relief.

Birth is intense.

I'm an Aunt!
Tags: birth, family
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