ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

our first kibbutz!

Andy and I really enjoyed hosting our first kibbutz dinner party. The idea came from this:

I gave a topic of "daily rituals that people follow" and was worried that the conversation may become too contrived but it actually made it so we discussed deep topics quicker and drove past superficial small talk.

K-monster was at dinner with us since we started at 6:30 pm. She tried to climb the table several times, interrupted a few conversation with squeals but the conversation went on. There were 8 adults. Toddler was there and acknowledged but didn't rule the dinner. Around 8 pm Andy and I took turns putting her to bed (about 10 mins each) so we weren't away long, and the guests left around 11:30 pm.

It took a little bit more work between Andy and I but was totally manageable and I think the guests had a good time because they stayed for so long past dinner! They did the lingering thing everytime they tried to leave.

It was a potluck, so Andy and I only had to make one dish each. I assigned dishes to everyone else! I also emphasized casual so that we had no problems using mismatched plates and some paper and plastic ware. I think letting go of high/Pinterest expectations help make it lower pressure... in the end it's about the company and strengthening relationships.

Our guests for our inaugeral kibbutz were:
Kerry and Anand
Chad and Kori

Between us we had improv people, a therapist, a medical doctor, a city of austin exec and republican campaign managers. It made for good conversations!
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