ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

single mom weekend

Andy left Friday and wont be home till late Monday night.
It's actually the longest I've been left with the baby alone.

It actually wasn't too terrible. What got affected most is getting behind on my job. As when she finally naps or when I get free time I want to just chill and relax, because taking care of her takes up my extrovert quota, and as an introvert, I need alone time to recharge.

Saturday: music together class. It was great while it lasted, but after 2 semesters we are done. I think it's best for kiddos with no preschool or other music opportunities.
Central market playdate. That didn't really work out because the other kid didn't like the playscape and wanted to walk around the lake, and the dad let the kid lead. So I thought we were going to hang out but we didn't. We did got a short hanging out together time though with breakfast together.

Then, I called in a favor and got a babysitter to come over while I went for SXSW, and checking out the Cornell meetup there. Yeah.

Sunday: I got a babysitter for 2 hours while I went bra shopping at Peticoat fair. Then baby and I went to central market again, where she pretty much just wanted to do age inappropriate things like climbing the big kid playscape. Got home exchausted. Watched San Andreas on HBO.

Monday: Took her for an Easter photo shoot then we swung by an Indonesian restaurant, and now she's napping. Then hoping she'll occupy herself in the evening while I get some work done or chill.
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