ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

improv at the outerbanks

Did another improv class and I'm hoarse from all the shouting. But it ended with people cheering and lifting me up and chanting my name, which I don't think ever happened before. So that was amazing. Hahah, it was at the tail end of Rock Paper and Scissors which is a great game to end with.

My favorite was watching them go "Pruie? Pruie?" and bunny bunny!

So good.

Improv is so amazing.

There were 20 photographers, some drinking already and it was hard to get them to listen, and we were outside, so volume was difficult. I had a hard time coralling them at times, and I wish I had a louder voice.

Oh man, I should've brought my zen sound chime.

However, they all had so much fun. Kate was laughing until she was crying and she said: "This is my favorite class every potluck!" She said the first year she was like.. improv? Seriously? and was totally not up for it, but now it's her favorite class :)

Aw, it was really fun to have people pick me up and toss me around and chanting my name :)
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