ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

15th year cornell reunion

Boy, I'm old!

On Wednesday we woke up at 3 am to get to our flights. Everything takes longer with a toddler. She was pretty antsy and cried a few times and gave ear splitting screeches at some point.

Then we hung out in Cortland with Manuel, who was awesome and picked us up.

Thursday we got a ride to Cornell, and I checked in at the class HQ. It was pretty slow since we were early. I'm checked into HILC, the dorm for families, and the continuous reunion people. Had a grumpy encounter with one of the old ladies from CRC, connie.

Then met up with Manuel for a delicious bite to eat at the dairy bar, and then a walk to the beautiful herb and flower garden at the plantations.

dinner with kmonster and a small reunion class since it was still early. and everyone was so friendly and chill.

Afterwards, on our way to the Fuertes laboratory, I saw a man playing bubbles with his kid, and we joined them and they turned out to be a great family and super fun to hang out with.

I saw Jupiter for the first time, with its red stripes and 3 moons was visible. And I asked about Saturn and the guy moved the telescope for me! Super cool with the whole thing moving, and then I saw Saturn with it's big fat ring. I do remember seeing a more clear view at the observatory in Hawaii though!

Tags: cornell, ithaca

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