ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

friday at cornell

15 years go by. it seems long and yet short. the last reunion we were newly weds, and now we have a toddler. I look around my peer group and we're older now. Several of us with white hair, and we have young families.

The Class of 2011 look young and spritely and enthusiastic, happy to be back for their first reunion.

I love the breakfast speaker, he interviewed the very elderly and asked them for their advice, and words of wisdom:
- life is short
- take risks
- work a job that you love
- happiness is a choice
- travel
- time flies in an instant

He also had a marriage book and I bought that one. Basically old people giving advice on marriage and the mistakes they made.

It reaffirmed my job choice, something that pays less, but gives me freedom.

It reminds me to be kinder to Andy, and to myself.

Coincidentally this year we are staying at the dorm I stayed in freshman year. Of all the dorms in Cornell, I'm back here, and it's bringing back memories and a reminder of who I was and the time I wasted.

No more, life is short.
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