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dance camp day 2

I danced from 9 am to 4 pm, and I feel rather sore right now, but overall ok. I did manage to comically fall while trying to get out of the hotel pool and injured my leg a bit. So the main injury was not dance related.

I'm doing better then I thought I would. I have pain in the bottom of the ball of a foot, under the second meta tarsal and I figured out how to relieve the pain, by padding my ballet slipper. I use the toe-pads from my old pointe shoes. So that's given me relief.

Repertory was today, Pedro's choreography of Alice in Wonderland and it's insane. We're only halfway through and it's a lot of running and patterns and stuff. A bit above my pay grade I think.

I did feel a high at the end of the day, intense exercise is good for my body.

I'm thinking of voluntary dropping down a level in my variation and partnering class. We'll see. <------ This is a huge maturity step for me.

Someone today got really upset because Heidi placed her in 2/3A. And I remember last year when another girl did the same thing. And I remember in 2008 and 2009 when I did the same thing. In fact, I just read my 2009 entry about how upset I was about class placement. Though, I accepted Heidi's judgement in a quieter way.

But today, I don't care as much. I think partly it's maturity and zenness. And partly being more gentle with my rather out of shape body.
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