ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

dance camp day 3

The day started off good, with me saying in my head a mantra: "I love myself" and also "I love dance". And it helped me stay positive. I did ask Heidi if I could down place to level 2/3a for the variation and pas and she said yes.

The variation was definitely on the easy side, and it was nice not having to constantly work so hard and be on the bottom of the class and playing catch up.

Which was how I felt at Pedro's class, and I was so annoyed at his rep I almost cried angry tears, I didn't tho. I had to remind myself: "I love dance!"

His rep is crazy hard. It's 4 mins 16 seconds, which is long, and then after one run thru my heart is beating so fast and I could feel heat blazing through my skin. It's however, really really good for my body. Because how often do I push myself to the point that my skin is burning.

I think dance camp is waking up processes in my body that I forgot I had. I've been pretty sedentary this last year. Insert excuses here.

I was worried that I couldn't handle this camp, and so far I'm doing fine. But it's only day 3. Hahah. Tomorrow is partnering.

After class we had dinner in the thai place, and then I am doing laundry which reminds me next time I come to have enough stuff so that I don't do laundry.

Hang out with Robyn and folks and now it's bed time!
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