ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

pei holiday party

i was wavering whether to go to the preschool holiday party and decided to.

Andy had to babysit since our babysitter had to bail, so it was just me. I had a surprisingly good time.

It was nice listening to one of the teachers talk about K. She said the last few weeks, K has changed and is now more aware of her schoolmates. So at the playground, if another kid is crying, she would come and tug at the teacher so that someone would take care of the crying baby.

Also the mom of twins said that their kiddos love K and would say her name all the time.

How did we luck out with an emotionally empathetic, kind child.
She is so amazing.

The twin mom said we must have a very happy peaceful home and I laughed and said that I argue with Andy a lot. But I remember when she was pretty young, about a year old and I was angry at Andy, K would come up to me in the middle of my tirade, and hug me.
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