ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

NYC day 1

Flew from hobby airport, then took 2 hours to get to manhattan.

We have a hostel private room on 34th street called New York budget inn. And bunk beds because we booked late for New York.

Andy found a delicious Korean place called New Wanjo which is the best Korean I've ever eaten.

We went into the Empire State but didn't go up because $36 per person sounded crazy.

Then we swing by a wine bar and then insomnia cookie.

A story from the subway: I had a power struggle for a seat with a German tourist. I came in and took a seat and I guess she was about to take the seat for her and her friend but her friend didn't sit down in time. So she refused to move so I could sit comfortably. I perched on the edge of the chair and when after a few minutes she wouldn't move, I just pushed and sat on it fully. The whole time she set squeezed against me even though there was a bit of space next to her. The struggle is real.

Tags: andy, new york, nyc, vacation
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