ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

It's a small virtual world

So I was supposed to be finishing up all my class work for this week so I didn't have them hanging over thanksgiving. And I ended up majorly procrastinating thanks to Live Journal. I think it freaked me out how many people I know here, especially after I started rummuging around other people's friends list. I found people through my college, plus foolmonkey seems to connect to a lot of people. And then it's funny to find the same person through another link.

Anyways, as a result I went through my posts and did more editting/filtering/screening. After all, a girl has to have some mystery. Not to mention, you never know if the person you're blithely talking about has an LJ journal. (Not that I was talking about any of you friends I added today. Cough.)

I suppose I should go to bed now. Off to South Dakota tomorrow, with my conservative frenmily.
Tags: meta
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