ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


Day 1
Non-stop flights are the best, especially with babies. K monster did better then expected thanks to the movies on each screen. We had left at 4 am and got to Seattle pretty early so we had time to grab lunch at a thai place, very good, and then toured the Pike Place area, I ate dinner at Keshiba, which is the best sushi I’ve ever had. Amazing toro. So good.

Day 2
Seattle Aquarium! We decided to get a Citypass to give us some sort of ternary. The Aquarium was great. Less production value then the denver aquarium (no mermaids) but we got to see seals! I’m in love with seals. I think they may be my spirit animal.
Food was underwhelming today.

Day 3
Chulily glass museum was a bit underwhelming but beautiful. Also it got really hot and kinda zapped me.
Lunch was Matt’s at the Market and some oysters at Jack’s spot, with Jenn Tai.

Day 4
Seattle zoo, a beautiful, very humane zoo. We saw a 10 day old baby giraffe!
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