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I was in my head a lot this Pennsic. There was definitely a lot of struggles with body image.

Anyways, here is my FB post:

Back home! My highlights from the Middle Ages/Pennsic were:
- watching my host camp, the Dark Horde Moritu, raise a 30 feet banner pole amidst drumming and cheers. The Mongolian camp next door used 5 guy wires to keep it in place, but my host camp just dug a 3 feet hole and used no wires. I kept side eyeing the pole because my tent was right in the drop zone. But it held.
- the weather. It rained the first day and then was 50-70s most war. I did freeze in the middle of the night but I just snuggled deeper into my blanket.
- dancing 5 person 15th century Italian Verceppe at 1 am.
- Italian dance geekery till 2 am
- the beautiful Pennsylvania sunsets
- I have a medieval cobbler and he measured me for new shoes!
- reconnecting with old friends. It was more powerful then I expected
- talking to my sharp and hilarious camp mates
- finger dancing Gracca Amoroso while visiting Jamie at his vigil. (the video below is Jamie and Alina dancing a 16th C Italian)