ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

fred astaire

So I've been taking classes at Austin Ballroom Dancers since spring, and the men are mostly old and not very good. But it's cheap and close by. And I figured I'd do a private lesson with the teacher there to brush up on Viennese Waltz.

Then I was like, let me also do a private with a studio near me, which was Fred Astaire, at the Triangle. The Triangle is about 5 mins from me, but I have never been to the Fred Astaire until yesterday, when I walked in for an intro rate private lesson.

The private was so good. But the studio is so expensive. It's far more expensive then the other studios in town, but they definitely have gotten the customer service down.

Also, dancing with a good lead, it's this crazy high.

It brought me such joy, I may do it more, even though it's so expensive. I'll have to cut down on some travel, but it might be worth it.
Tags: ballroom
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