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I've been at a high point in my dancing lately, because of the Fred Astaire studio: ie, the studio that takes all my leisure money. I've done GoDance, Esquina de Tango, Austin Ballroom Dancers... but of course, the one I fell in love with is the most expensive studio in town.

The teacher is just so good. He danced with me today, a Viennese Waltz. I told him how I felt my ego crushed from the other instructor and he assured me that I was good enough to follow him. I also feel I'm learning a ton, and fixing a lot of my bad habits. Today we fixed some of my issues with the Cha-cha basic step.

My posture is also slowly improving, I'm kind of hunch back. So I'm working on being tall. And being a good "follow" in Ballroom requires that you're tall and have a "frame", which is what they call the posture in dance. It's funny because in renaissance dance, I almost never teach people about frame, or posture, but now I realize that the dance masters in those days probably worked really hard on posture and being tall and erect. In modern times if you see someone with great posture they are probably yogis or dancers.

So anyways, to afford this dancing I'll either have to make more money, or travel less. I think travel is about to be cut back a bit. But really, spend money on what you love, right?

Today's Slice of Life for prosterity:
Wake up around 7 am since Andy was making a bunch of noise.
Tossed and turned and finally got up at 7:50 am, and husband and kiddo was already awake.
Played with kiddo and cuddled with her.
Then she went to school.
I did a bunch of admin worked and blogging for my job.
Did laundry and gardened.
Mealtime, reading "The Goblin Emperor" a court intrigue, high fantasy book.
More laundry.
Then my dance private.
Then hung out with kiddo and husband some more, but then they were off to his sister in law's.
I ate by myself again.
And then went to group classes for Country Western and Lindy Hop.
Now waiting for husband and kiddo to come home. They are having an unusually late night out and I miss them.

Tomorrow: Austin Film Fest starts.
Tags: ballroom, dance, slice of life
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