ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ballroom geekery

i've been working on my cha cha chase turns, to do a double turn.
and i pulled it out on 2 dance partners at the uptown social and the first one was like: "You've been taking classes"
and the other one went "Woooowww!"

Hahah, totally worth it to practice the double turns.

A man Carl, kinda asked me to dance foxtrot and I said that I was terrible. We started dancing and he asked if I was doing bronze steps. And I was like.. what is not bronze? And he showed me silver foxtrot which was way cooler then bronze foxtrot. And I mostly followed it and I found out he was the husband of an rwa member.

I danced a ton till about 10:05 when people started leaving. It was nice.
Tags: ballroom
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