ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ABD saturday dance

After a short stop at the Lady Geek of Austin social, I went to ABD dance, with Andy's words of "There are no social consequences to the dances" in my head.

In the beginning it was hard, but I asked people to dance, and then a V waltz was played, there was only a smattering of dancers, and I went and ask the tall white man who I did ask at the UT ball before. We dance V Waltz one time at the grand ball in October 2017 and it didn't go very well.

He looked surprised that I asked him, like I could hear his brain go, "A Viennese Waltz, really?" We got ready, and I was like... please don't start with a Right turn, but he started dancing, and I just followed, and I tried to remember to keep "flat" like my teacher had said. We danced a bit and he said, "You've been practicing."

We did a rotation of the ballroom and he said, "I'm impressed."

We went around the ballroom multiple times, and he said again, "I am REALLY impressed."

We finished dancing, and I made zero mistakes. For the first time ever, I dance V Waltz with someone that wasn't my teacher, and I got zero notes from my partner, and we just danced. And it was perfect.

That pretty much made my night, and after that I felt like I had an aura of confidence around me.


I was talking to another woman, and a friend, J, I made from a while ago came and talk to me, and the woman said, you know her too? (indicating me).
And J replied, "OF course, she's friendly and talks to everyone."

And I was like... wow, her vision of me was completely different then my vision of me.


I was describing to Andy that high status me was just so much better then low status me. I'm friendly, I play hostess, I introduce people. Low status me hides behind a pillar and don't dance.
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