ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Cortland, Ithaca and NY

Day 1
Delicious Sichuan food in Syracuse with Manuel and D.
Being driven thru a snowy blizzard to Ithaca to a crowded Bailey Hall to watch Tarana Burke, the founder of MeToo and a good speaker.
Chilling out at Cortland

Day 2
Dropped by the CIS dean office to say hi and look at his office full of cows.
shopped at the Cornell store for overpriced school merchandise
4 hour bus ride to NYC!
Walked to korea town for delicious korean bbq at New Wonjo
visited all the korean bakery in the area.
Walked past Bryant Park and its beautiful ice-rink.
Late night visit to momofuko milk bar where Manuel did not like the cereal milk. I did. But it is a bit cornflakey and wierd.
Then walking back we past the Rockefeller Center and finally Manuel agreed to ice-skate. He ice-skated for the first time ever.
We ice-skated till about midnight and then walked home tired.
Chatted in bed till about 2 am.

Day 3
Manuel went to work.
I went to the dance store nearby and tried on a bunch of leotards. Bought 4 of them.
Had kim chi fried rice at Five Senses
Headed to a bubble tea place and met up with Christa to get in touch with each other.
Went to Mood fabric and bought chiffon, lycra/spandex and expensive silk satin backed crepe.
Swung by the Palace theatre to get 4 tickets to sponge bob

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