ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

indian lodge and observatory trip #3

A few weeks ago, I told Andy, "Let's go to Indian Lodge." And he said: "Yes!"

So he drove us 7 hours to go to the quiet retreat. K asked if we could stay there forever because the buildings were white as snow.

We had a viewing at the Observatory but it was cloudy, so instead we ate hot dogs and frito pies. The large outdoor circular area was empty except for us. And K started to MC a show, and told us what do, and she had me come up. I sang a few lyrics and she said, "Thank you Mommy for that lovely song." It was fun and amazing.

The next night was perfectly clear, but the moon was waxing gibbous and bright, so we waited till after the moon set at 5:45 am. Our entire family bundled up in the cold and drove to the trailhead part of the Indian Lodge which was a bit darker, and we cuddled and looked at the sky. We saw several moving sattelites and the weirdest part was seeing part of the mountain lit up and it got brighter and brighter until I realized it was a car.

Prior to that, I had a lovely chat with an African American woman who was a fellow Syltherin Nerd, and we geeked out for a while.
Tags: fort davis, indian lodge, vacation
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