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While on a layover in Charlotte, on the way to visit Manuel in Ithaca/Cortland, I got a voicemail. An unfamiliar female voice said she was calling for a company's re-entry program. I called back, and she wanted to schedule an interview and the only time was Tuesday, while I was still visiting Manuel.

So Manuel kindly booked some time in a big conference room for me. I was again back on campus, interviewing for jobs at college. I was stressing out about the interview and bought some makeup from sephora, and a hairbrush, and a black cardigan. Then I made sure the lighting was good on my face and waited interminably for the interview.

Oh and a few hours before that, Cornell Career Services met with me and did a mock interview with me. Craig said I needed to slow down and make eye contact.

The interview seem to go well, he seemed impressed by my resume, by my photography and also by doing the AWS cert course.

It went for about 50 mins which I hoped was a good sign.

So that was on a Tuesday. On Thursday, I was back in Austin and I did my AWS exam and passed. It was a stressful exam. I had 2 thank you letters to the interviewer queued up, one where I passed the exam and one where I didn't pass.

Thankfully, I got to send the Thank you letter with the one that I passed.

By the following Wednesday I haven't heard anything and I was anxious and just so ready to know so I emailed the recruiter. An hour later, she called me and I wondered if she was calling me to let me down gently. She said that actually, they wanted to give me an offer.

I was so happy! I was outside the condo just making happy gestures and probably entertaining anyone watching.

I feel so blessed, so privileged. That's my Cornell CS degree lending weight, job hunting at the right time, and having an internship with 3 months to ramp up into the corporate world, that's just amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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