ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

community analysis

the community of friends that i hang out with:
improv - this is probably 90% of my hanging out time now. should lower this to be a more well-rounded person.
computer science grad students - chaos ranch. yah! i love hanging out with this geeky crowd.
work - i have lunch during the week with co-workers, and the odd happy hour, generally rare that i meet them outside the work week, except maybe for pb.
sca - i'm planning to do some dance events this year. i miss the smell of campfire, the pompousness of royality, and dancing. i really miss dancing.
cornell - cornell club here does a lot of events, and i still stay in touch with several of my good college buddies.

other crowds that i am only minorly a part of: austin paddling, hill country outdoors, gamers.
i'm trying to up my outdoorsiness though.
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