ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


I am grateful for:
1. the sound of laughter and giggles
2. the patience of my husband.
3. ballroom dancing.
What would make today great?
1. being able to eat healthier
2. good conversations.
3. being more present.

Daily affirmations. I am filled with the ability to make my dreams a reality. . . .                                 
-- From yesterday
3 amazing things that happened today... (This is similar to Peter Diamandis’s “three wins” practice.)
1. Saying no to repeated upsells by Fred Astaire to an overpriced 50 mins coaching.
2. staying for the 8 pm elements class even though I was tired.
3. making my co-workers laugh.

How could I have made today better?
1. eating a healthier dinner.
2. taking the time to write.
3. more patience 

Tags: dailies
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