ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Day 3 london

Continuing on vacationing by myself #introvertlondon, I had a glimpse into life as a crazy rich person by having a spa day at the Corinthia hotel at Whitehall place.

It’s the kind of excessively luxurious hotel where two men wearing top hats(!!!) opened the door for me.

The spa was exquisite, from deep black marble walls I ran into because everything was dim and reflective, to this large thermal pool that had a waterfall on demand that will fall on your head, shoulders and back. And the thermal pool had some sort of reclining chair made of metal rods and water rushing into you on demand. WTF. Is this how the ultra rich has been living?

I had a 90 minute massage by a gentleman and he was amazing. And I have dense muscle tissue and he was having to get in there. He said 99% of his clients usually fall asleep, he’s had many snoring politicians and Hollywood stars in that room. I was so soothed and relaxed afterwards.

Afterwards, I ambled thru Chinatown and Leicester Square and soaked in the energy that big cities like NY and London has, and watched the street buskers.

Guests aren’t allowed to use phones in the spa so I got these from the google:

Tags: #introvertlondon, london, vacation
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