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Andy's mom joined us for a birthday party at Ramsey Park, where we bumped to Zula's dad, and a Bess's mom. Ramsey park was full of kids and their parents.
Then we came home and chilled out. I just bought a playstation the day before so we played that. Then we all headed out at 4:30 pm to Tamlyn's house. Where she had cooked us indian food. We chatted. Andy and kiddo swam and hung out in the hot tub.
Then Nick started playing the piano and we sang around the piano.
It was pretty lovely and delightful.

The morning I had an early lunch at 9 am, then I went to Brentwood Social House to chat with author Amy while she had her baby with her. Andy and kiddo went to a birthday party at a pinball place.
It was a good chat while we followed her baby around.
Then I came home and held the fort while Andy went to teach. I got to play Celeste while kiddo gave commentary.
Then Andy's dad showed up in town and he hung out for a bit with K, they watched magic school bus together.
Then Andy came home and all four of us went to Madam Mam for delicious thai food.
We came home, played some video game. I'm heading out at 9 pm to borrow some games from Kevin.
Tags: day in the life, weekend
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