ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ballroom dance progress

went to uptown dance today, it's a friday, and not that many dancers, and I thought I was going to leave early, but I ended up dancing a whole bunch.

There's this guy there who only dances with his partner most socials, but his partner hadn't showed up so I asked him to Foxtrot, and I said don't go too crazy on me. But his not-advanced foxtrot was still pretty complicated but I was proud to mostly be able to follow him. Up to the head changes. So that was nice. I dance with him pretty rarely so he's a good yardstick to see how far I've progressed.

I also am starting to west coast more and I'm starting to follow better. I would say I'm now getting to be almost average west coast dancer.

Also improving in tango.

Not improved much: two step or triple two.
Tags: ballroom
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