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thanksgiving trip

Mon Nov 25
I have the whole week off. Jenny and me took our daughters with us to Kula revolving sushi. Then playdate at my place. After she left, we went to see Frozen 2 with Andy at the Alamo. Andy then went off to teach and K and I chilled and also cuddled a bit, and did bedtime. Then she came to my room after bedtime because I didn’t stay asleep with her, so she hung out in my room for a while. Andy came home and was indignant that she hadn’t gone to bed. Then I went to her room. She is so sweet.
Tues Nov 26
K and I went to target to get her a fold and some workbooks. I shopped a little bit too. Then we road tripped to San Antonio, there was some traffic. Upon arrival, we were pretty impressed at how fancy La Cantera was. The view was great. However, it is low season so there were certain services that was lacking, like smores or poolside service.
Wed Nov 27
Have a relaxed time in the morning then I went to the spa at La Cantera, where I had a 1.5 hour massage scheduled with a mountain of a New Zealand man. He was strong though he lacked finesse. He elbowed and knuckled me for a while, and then covered me strategically and bared my belly, and then he gave me an abdominal massage. I was freaking out a bit when his hands were on my belly and wasn’t sure if I should tell him to stop but decided I was going to give in to this weird experience. Decision: we can skip abdominal massages in the future. He did ask me in the beginning if any place was not okay to massage, I said yes like I always do.
Anyways, Andy and K joined me for a little bit, it’s cold. Even though the pools are heated, they are not heated enough. The hot tub otoh is great. I stayed in the spa facility longer because it was so relaxing and the sound of water soothing. And they had a large very hot pool in the woman’s solarium where I swam in and out of.
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