ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

i lost my paddle

and didn't realize that until i had inflated my kayak and was all ready to go. but.. i just wandered around asking if people had a paddle i could use, and sure enough, some stranger named le ray lent me one. it was one of those emergency kinds with only one oar, and was rather tiny. but it helped me from having to drive back home.

as usual, people commented on my kayak. i am starting to fall in love with it. yes, it's not as agile, but i like that i could lay down on it, and prop my legs up, and let the river take me whereever. one of the kids in a canoe was like:
"Dad! Look at her!"
"Yeah, that's smart"
"Where's her paddle?"
"It's probably inside".

Dad yelling at me, reclining in my drifting kayak: "I didn't realize that was an option!"

People go to nature to workout. I like to go to nature to calm down.

what a beautiful day today was.
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