ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


3 amazing things that happened
1. A great virtual lesson
2. Having my own spot in town lake
3. Frozen margarita from Velvet Taco

"I mean, it could be a depressing time, but you don't allow that to happen."

How could I have made yesterday better?
1. Less moping

I am grateful for
1. My family
2. It's a sunday!
3. Work code working

What would make today great?
1. Going outside.
2. Some dancing

Daily affirmations. I am
1. wonderful
2. patient

Also this gave me life today. From ballroom dancer fiesta:

As such, I think that the psychological approach to rehab is a useful one. It is certainly the outlook I've adopted for myself. It looks something like this.

I don't know when I can return to the sport. But I promise to myself that as soon as I can, I will.
I cannot engage in training as usual. But there are certain related individual skills I can still practice
I cannot improve my overall skill. But I can maintain it, and keep from backsliding.
There is no emotional payoff for the work I do now. But overcoming this will make my future success that much sweeter.
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