ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

winks restaurant yum

yesterday a certain dance laurel took me to dinner. we went to wink's, which i've decided is better then zoot's, and also.. even... jeffrey's.

oyster appetizer -- oh yum yum. they had a delicious garlicky juice on it.. on the three oysters.
some soup -- he said it was leeky, i had a taste and didn't really like it. but it wasn't my dish.
gnocci dish -- he ordered it, i tried one gnocci and it seemed ok. he said it was good, and he is picky about his gnocci's.
venison with fly? mushrooms and white polenta -- oh yum yum. this is so good, i love polenta and this one was just tasty and so savory and the venison didn't really taste that gamey and it was tender and the mushroom was delicious.
creme brulee -- he thought it wasn't as cold as could be. i liked it.
chocolate soup with mousseballs -- the dish consist of unsweet ginger chocolate soup with three chocolate mouses.. and those mousseballs were delicious. i've had this dish before.. and the combination is great.

wine: bert simon weissgut, 2005 riesling kabinet halbtrochan
it was ok for restaurant riesling

i think maybe i should write the dishes name down too next time.

also, wink's have a wine bar.. where they also serve food, so in case you want to just have a glass of wine and some cheese or dessert.
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