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Yesterday my open level latin friend came over to help me practice my intl rhumba choreo. At one point she said: "During the fan, crunch your upper back which draws your foot in."

And I was like: what the heck?

I put my hand on her upper back and I could feel her crunching her upper back. And in my own body, I could barely feel it. So she gave me micro exercises to help me feel my lats and learn to isolate them and crunch them.

Today at the Sat morning lesson, my teacher was asking me to push my shoulders further down, and to engage my lats. And I could barely hold my arms when it was all correct.

So another body part to work on.

However, when my lats are engaged and my shoulders are down, I look like a dancer or a yogi. And I think the only way to strengthen this is to absorb it into my real life.

I really think this is a big step in my dancing progress. Because it also makes my spins better, and my posture and the whole dance look better.
Tags: ballroom, dwm

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