ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

finishing the marathon in time: 6 hrs 59 mins and 18 seconds

the austin marathon course open time was reduced from 8 hours last year to 7 hours this year.

last year, my first  marathon, it took me 7 hours and 20 mins.
According to my 3M half marathon time, I'm projected to finish in 6 hrs and 59 mins and 18 seconds.

Also, the way the marathon works, because there are thousands of people, runners usually line up in the start line according to their expected finish time.. so when the race starts, by the time i get to the start line, it may already be 5 mins since the course was open. so i may have to start closer to the line, run real fast, and immediately veer to the side walk so i can be slow again. hopefully that doesn't confuse my body.

i'm assuming by the time i finish, there'll hardly be anybody there and the afterparty at Stephen F Austin will almost be done. But at least I'll finish. Hopefully.

Yesterday as I was driving away from my house, I saw the 15k marker. I'm seeing road closure notices everywhere. The Downtown Alamo is open during the race and showing the webcam from the race. It's a big city party. I'm planning to stay at Andy's tonight since he lives near the start line.

I'm excited and worried. This race is really going to be a challenge for me. Must trick my mind.. (it's only a 10 miler.. oh, there's a half-marathon now, oops, just a 5k left!)

Mind over body.

edit 1:23 pm: apparently distance challengers get to start with the seeded runners as a bonus. This is optional but heck I need all the time advantage i can get.

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