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Pride and Prejudice & Dance Geekery

I went and saw the Keira Knightly version. And I must say, it was quite an enjoyable experience. My friend who hasn't read the book, liked it, but not as much. Keira Knightly did an excellent job, as well as Matthew MacFayden who did Mr Darcy, he has very soulful eyes. I still got on the emotional roller coaster even though I knew what would happen. It tears me though, wishing for times when people stood up when a guest arrives, proprietry and good manners.. and yet those women couldn't own land and needed consent for marriage.

Keira Knightly is hot.

Dance geekery: there was a lot of dancing, especially in the beginning part of the movie. The first ones looks Scottish Country, I recognized some heys, done with spez-like steps. And then for the slower parts.. Maybe Regency or Baroque influenced? Having little knowledge of those forms, I don't know. But maybe grinellian2001 can tell me? And then there were times when I saw siding, but it was done with: double forward to meet at shoulders, then turn around to place. Maybe later period ECD. There's probably a lot of non-period stuff in there to meet Hollywood ideals. However, they did an excellent job with the whole dynamic of ball dancing, the pieces of conversation and social interactions. Enough to make a dance mistress quiver with joy.

PS: Still in South Dakota. And my personal email is down.
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