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good deed for the month

yesterday i volunteered to do an improv gig for a disabilities advocacy group. it was to help train their management. it was really weird.. and people kept referring to me as an "actor" or "actress". otoh, it was really useful because i got to listen to different management styles, and how people take feedback from peergroups.

i also did shana's narrative longform class, which reminded me that yes, narrative longform is still my main love in improv. we did some mini-longform shows.. they were rather.. insane. but i had a lot of fun, and was laughing a lot. seriously, i forgot how much fun improv classes can be.. especially since it's been a while i've taken an actual "class". a lot of the ones i've done recently were 2 or 3 hour workshops.. where there's more judgement and i feel the need to prove myself. there's a chance to maybe do 2 scenes in a workshop, so i feel pressure to do well in those 2 scenes.

anyways, shana is definitely one of the most generous and nurturing improv teachers i know, and i've laughed so much in her classes.. even though i was rather tentative about it in the beginning. her and andy, their classes definitely fall under "therapy".


Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:22 pm (UTC)
Re: "Yes, and...cha cha cha!"
Scenework definitely interests me. I'll have to take a closer look into both options (Hideout and Coldtowne) when I get back to Austin next week

Thanks! :-)