ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

the cafe at four seasons review

the cafe has always been rated as one of the best places to eat in austin. i've been there a few times before (their brunch has every thing you can want in a western brunch, very excessive, and the price equally so), but last saturday, i decided to have dinner there by myself.

i chose to eat outside, which gave a view of townlake, and the sunset. the view was awesome. the mosquitos left me alone mostly.

bread basket
this was the best bread basket i've ever had. it had all sorts of variety, including thin bread crackers. also, there was 2 type of cheese. i ate too much of this.

truffle gnocci
this was alright. is gnocci suppose to taste bready? and i could barely tell the truffle taste. but then again, i'm not that sure how truffles taste like. if only someone would give me an entire truffle mushroom instead of the minuscule bits.

tempura crusted beef tartar
it was good, but the one at sullivan's is much better (and cheaper). i don't like horseradishy sauce, and they placed it in the dish. the meat was not as fresh as sullivan's. this was a huge appetizer though, enough for an entree.

stilton cheese crusted rib-eye steak

this dish was huge. 12 oz steak. apparently, the cafe doesn't suffer from the tiny portions that a lot of fine dining places have. however, i thought the steak was mediocre. and i was full by this course, so i had a bit, and had it to go.

chocolate souffle
it come in a huge mug, and then the waiter cut an X in it, and poured chocolate sauce inside. i thought the sauce was so-so. and the baked part of the chocolate was very eggy and light.  i have never had souffle before. so i'm not sure what it tasted like. it was okay.

overall, the food was okay. the view was stunning. the bread/water person was really nice, but the waiter forgot me most of the time. maybe it was because i was sitting outside, maybe it was because i was by myself, maybe it was because i wasn't fancily dressed. maybe he was just busy.

so i would recommend this place for the view and location, not necessarily the food.
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