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"that's a lucky penny!"

so i stopped by the shell station today to get gas, then wandered over to the little store. i decided to buy a log of firewood to try it out during camping this weekend.
after paying for that and a bunch of stuff, there was a penny left, and i was about the leave, but the clerk said: "lucky penny!" so i'm like: "if it's a lucky penny, i'll take it!"
i wandered over to my car, opened the trunk, put my keys down, placed the log in there, then shut the trunk.
the car alarm gave a little beep: "Dummy!"

Doh!! I had locked my keys in my trunk of all places. I was amused, went to the store, and started chatting with the indian clerk, named niswa. he said, "maybe you can use that metal thing" and opened up a metal thing, and gave it to an african american to try to open my car. he tried for several mins, but nope.
then a few mins later, a large, well cut, well dressed, nice smelling, stylish sideburns tall african american offered to try to open my car. i'm like, you've done this before? he nods, i'm familiar.
he tried.. and several mins later, the door is still unopened.

so i ended up waiting for about 2 hrs for the lock guy to show up, got to talking with niswa, which was nice. noticed that most people who drop in buy cigarettes or beer.

finally the lock guy showed up, went to my right front door, and insert this inflatable plastic between my door, and pumped it. this let a crack show up, which allowed him to put a bent rod in it, and to unlock the door. then he tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open. i realized, that that door normallly doesn't open.

so he had to go to the other door, and since he was left handed it took some time.

it opened, the alarms went off, and that was the first, and probably not the last time, i locked myself out of my car.


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Mar. 2nd, 2007 12:02 pm (UTC)
I locked my self out of the car once at a McDonalds on my way home from an event with someone I was giving a ride to. The 90 minute delay was kind of embarassing, but it led me to certain idiosyncratic behaviors about keys that have prevented a recurrance.
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