ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

And then there was more furniture fantasies

A friend showed me a craigslist tool in my previous post that allowed for browsing Craigslist in picture mode. Man, that got me really dreaming about furniture.

I will most likely get this rug, really like really like it. Even though apparently a lot of people already have it. I saw it on Kaci's post sometime back and it stuck in my mind.. I showed it to Jason and he's like: I know 5 people who have it!

This is so pretty. I really really really want this. *dream*

I am torn between simplicity and quirky/colorful.
how do i make things match.

Do things have to match?
I guess I could get the black table to match the colorful rug. But I really like the wooden bottom, reminds me of a tree and nature.

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