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I was late to my improv class tonight. When I arrived, it was quiet. And there was two clumps of people, each with a person in the center. The people outside was massaging the center person and I was gestured into a clump. Since it was a new class, I didn’t know a bunch of the people… and I generally don’t like strangers touching me. Someone I know was massaging the center person up and down, including the butt. Another one was massaging the head. And I kept refusing to be the center person, until I was the only one left, and Andy made me go into the center… and the two clumps merged. I went along with it, closed my eyes… and it was a wierd feeling, being massaged by 8 pairs of hands. A mini-orgy. (Not that I've ever been in an actual orgy.)

Andy directed a bunch of trust exercises. Having us lifted in the air on our backs by the group... I could touch the ceiling, and was also spinned around. And then we split into pairs, where I closed my eyes, and let Andy lead me from behind. I sensed him lead me into the dark room, where he made me run with my eyes closed. And then it was outside, and we were walking on some metal grating. and I could feel the wind, and hear the traffic of downtown. And I freaked out. Because class was on the second floor, and I’m afraid of heights. I didn’t run, and we walked instead. (I did return the favor and made him run fast fast, through the streets of downtown, with his eyes closed, and the sound of buses swooshing past. He said he got afraid. Hah!)

So tonight was quite an adventure. Plus I had to code something for a deadline, and after several frustrated attempts and help debugging, I finished. And I had great sushi for lunch. Overall, it was a lovely day.


Dec. 6th, 2005 11:36 am (UTC)
I like sessions like that, but never felt that i Leoni was ready to try them. I kept getting the feeling that in Austin, any contact was considered to be only a few steps short of having sex. In good improv theater, contact is necessary. I'm glad it was a good experience for you.
Dec. 6th, 2005 03:15 pm (UTC)
"I kept getting the feeling that in Austin, any contact was considered to be only a few steps short of having sex."

Uhmm. I don't think so. It definitely depends on the people and attitude that it is approached with.


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