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I did the Shamrock Shuffle 5k on Saturday. 3 miles, short and sweet. And muddy.

My friend is visiting me from Ithaca, NY. We saw the sun set at Mt Bonnell, musical maestro, the Texas Capitol, Mozarts, Alamo Drafthouse. He got to see a Japanese band at the Elysium. We've eaten Indian, Lebanese, Indonesian, drafthouse food. I suppose I should take him to a Tex-Mex.

I met a potential roommate via Craigslist today. Hopefully it'll work out. The place I currently live was found through Craigslist as well, and it's been a pretty sweet place.

It has been a really productive and nice weekend :)


Mar. 18th, 2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
"post script: i read your lj now"

i am honored. :-)