ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ficus plant, closet plant, flower plant, ivy.

let's see. i blew off the capital 10k. but i needed the rest and recovery and bedtime.

today i stopped by sledds nursury and bought 4 plants to grace my cubicle. and then as i drove to work, i found that my  breathing was really shallow, and i can hardly breath. i had never ever had that experience before.

so i'm badly allergic to one or more of the 4 plants. i'm returning 2, and hopefully can survive with the other 2. the two that i seem to get along with have flowers.. which is apparently more safe allergically. Because bright flowers are insect pollinated and have heavier pollens.

apparently, since female trees grow flowers, which fall and litter the streets, most housing developments grow male trees. which don't have flowers.. but have millions and millions of pollen. so we have clean streets, but allergic and asthmatic inhabitants.
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