ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Sat 11 - 2 pm: Champagne, wine, chocolate, friendship!

Ok.. here's a time: Come visit me this Saturday and help consume the too many booze I didn't realize I had. I don't even drink rum.

Take my random stuff away from me, please. Help me clear my roommate's room.

Random stuff I have to give away includes:
books (sci-fi, a book on grief, a book on a woman obssesed with plastic surgery and more!)
a kimono
glow in the dark planet sticker
cat scratcher pole
myst 3, unreal tournament, ultima online
2 How to Host a Murder Mystery games (fun way to have a dinner party!!)
Renaissance clothes, a pewter mug, more renaissance stuff. Books about renaissance stuff. Linen to make renaissance stuff.
videos: ballet, star trek tng, pilates

Or just come to share chocolate and conversation.
Email me for address.
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