ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

furniture.. as you like it.... clocky -- the runaway clock

after visiting multiple furniture stores multiple times, buying a sofa, canceling it.. i went ahead and bought my sofa and coffee table from crate and barrel. and an armchair from copenhagen.. and a rug from ikea.

i can't wait for my furniture to arrive. it was so hard to decide on a sofa. i became first name basis with furniture clerks.

design within reach -- i walked in the store, and started looking around. they have "classic" modern historical furnitures. one clerk, Gil, saw me and said.. "can i borrow your time's magazine while you look around? "
"it's actually the time's style magazine"
he clapped his hands gleefully, "even better!"
i went ahead and looked around, then asked for my magazine back. as i wandered around 2nd street, i decided i didn't really need the magazine. as i walked back in, he said: "you're about to give me the magazine aren't you??"
i nodded. he rummaged around his drawer, "let's see what i can give you.. how about.. a jo's coffee card? it has 5 punches already!"
i had no idea what jo's was. then i spied a sharpie.. "I'll take the sharpie!"
it was a purple mini sharpie with a keyring.

the next day i dropped by again.. he saw me and said, "here, we're giving 'me boxes' with purchase.. but you can have one."
i vowed to become his time's style pimp :)

at another furniture store on 2nd street district, i saw a clock that will ring an alarm.. and you get one chance to press the snooze. after that, it will roll off your bedside table.. and randomly run around the room until you catch it while it continues to ring. BRILLIANT. some MIT grad student designed it.. I bought it for Andy :-)

last night i took him to the Ivy+ gathering at Richard Gariott's "The Curtain".  i had told him he was in for a surprise.. he had googled "April 6" found a shakespeare show by Ballet Austin, and thought I was taking him to the Bass Concert Hall. he finally figured it out as we were driving to the Curtain. I was bored by the show though, because i had just seen it recently, and it wasn't as well executed as Winedale's presentation. Andy immensely enjoyed disliking the show.
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