ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

El Borrego De Oro and the Arts festival and Grindhouse

The Fearless Critic recommended an unassuming place in South Congress at the St Ed's area. It was called the Golden Lamb.. and oh my goodness, the food was awesome. The lamb was so tender that you barely remember chewing it, the flavor so full that it was hard to stop, even though you're full. We had the lamb soup (in red very spicy made me cry broth, with onions), the lamb plate.. and also the chicken mole. I'm not a fan of mole, but I was assured that it was good for mole. Also I ordered chicharonnes, even though it wasn't on the menu. Few places have them. But they did and it was yummy, they use dried and non-dried pork skin. I am very pleased, and the price is cheap too! I highly highly recommend it. Thanks to Ruth Reichl, I was itching for brunch at the Four Seasons, but the flavor and portions at El Borrego satiated me. It's risen to the list of my favorite Mexican restaurants.

After brunch, I stopped by Design Within Reach to drop of the nyt magazine and styles magazine to Gil. He was like.. ooh, I don't know what swag to give you, and I didn't mind. But he reached in and said: I have a free 1 pass admission to the Arts Festival!

And so I ended up going to the arts festival. Didn't like most of the stuff, except I did love 2 artists: one does his work mostly with a palette knife which makes his strokes really strong and he uses primary colors. He is colorblind.. and he makes art that makes me feel good. The other artist made clay houses. They were long, and curvy and made me happy. I didn't buy any of their works since the ones I liked were expensive. Maybe one day.

Grindhouse: This was an odd experience. I didn't like the Zombie movie as much, but it was still enjoyable. Definitely gross though. Eww. Ick.
The trailers between the movies were hillarious. When Tarentino's movie started it bore me initially, and I was tired from having just seen a movie. But then, it took a hard turn, and I was captivated. At the end of the movie I was cheering and left feeling satisfied. Reminded me of Dogville, only it took less then 3 hours to feel satisfied.
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