ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

i want to ride my bicycle and "the lines" format.

today i took an alternate route from my place to the hideout.. instead of using guadulupe like i would if i drove, i went down fruth, speedway.. until it deadends at RLM, and then went through the heart of UT.. and exitted at the Blanton Museum. I got to see students walking, and a couple making out under the arch of the Blanton. From the Blanton, I went through the Capitol grounds.. where there were artists doing a rendition of the beautiful building.. then it took me right into downtown, where the Hideout is. What a delightful journey!

On the way back at night it looked like the Congress area was closed.. so I didn't bike through it. But I saw the strangest thing... people were creeping around, and there were people hiding behind bushes. I think they were playing hide and seek on the Capitol grounds. I wasn't going to ask them what they were doing though, there was a cop car at every gate (which I think is normal). So I figure it's probably hide and seek. Or some sort of cops training thing.

I had to detour, and then as I was back in my neighbourhood, I realized that 30th gets busy because of Trudy's, but I felt fine with my front light and blinky back light. I also have a dorky triangle glow thing that I should've worn on my back, but didn't bring it along.

I'm getting stronger! I use to bike with left gear on 2, and right gear on 2.. but now, I'm right gear on 3.

Also, today at the Hideout, my troupe did a new format and also a new opener that we decided 10 mins before. I like that the troupe was so gutsy. It was definitely a stretch at our improv muscles. But a good exercise for us. I cannot tell anymore when our show is good or bad. I think I'm really hard improv-wise on myself and my troupe. So I thought today's show was eh... though, it got better towards the end. But at least 2 women told us that it was a good show. so I'm a bit confused.

Asaf was there though, he took notes. We're having him as a couch for 3 weeks in May.
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