ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Ladies Are Funny Festival

(cross-posted on the austin improv forum as well. the show i did today was such a blast. we covered all sorts of topics.. from wombs, cotton lollipops and such. yeah, feministprov!)

I've been having a depressed sort of day, really didn't want to go to the hideout to do a show and smiling was really an effort.

I dragged myself to the hideout, was bewildered by the strong smell of perfume in the green room, and hot, fashionable women warming up and primping in front of the mirror. There were only 2 men, and they looked confused as well.

I reluctantly did a show, and was blown away by how much fun I had, and what a supportive group of people! I have done improv jams/shows with strangers and usually it's people trying to hog stage time and be as gaggy as possible. But the strangers I played with shared space, made sure everyone got to play.. and it was just fun. I had so much fun that I actually felt like being social again.

I know various people are disapproving about the segregated improv. But unless we get more perfume-filled greenroom days.. a tiny push here and there, and allowing someone like me to play with an all female cast (which I rarely do) is really nice, and it's a different experience.

Thank you for helping me smile. I really needed that today.

Thank you, Super Ovum, Soviet Bunnies, GGG, and all you ladies.
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