ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


on the offsite today, we went go-karting.

i was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. i've become a more cautious driver ever since the accident several months ago. and these go-karts went up to 45 mph or more. and there ain't much between the road and you.

so we went on our first race, and i went really really slow. everyone kept passing me. sure enough, i ended up last. i did 3 laps in the time it took others to do 7 laps. and it was just not fun. so i told the team i wasn't going to go a second time.

but they all peer-pressured me, and was really nice about it too. b volunteered to follow me from behind to protect me from being cut off. and s suggested that i was to be given one lap by myself where everyone was all behind me so i can be first for that one lap. they were all so sweet about it that i was like.. what the heck. i'll do the second lap. and this time around... i went fast!

i pretty much thought to myself: wtf, you only live once. and then stepped on that gas pedal.
it was WAY fun. i ended up second to the last.. this time i finished 6 laps :)

what an adrenaline rush.
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